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Sour Cream Cherry and Sultana Loaf

Well it’s a new year! Happy New Year everyone! Well 2012 seems to have vanished in a blinding flash; I mean where did it go? I was hoping to do more with my blog but did not get to it. … Continue reading

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Fay Lewis – Ma’s Special Butter Cherry Cake

You know those days when you are craving something simple – like your mother or grandmother made – a Victoria Sponge or simple Chocolate Cake? I think this is the sort of cake that fills that sort of craving. It’s … Continue reading

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Another Sour Cream Apple Cake

I have grown very fond of apple cakes and am always trying new recipes. I love putting sour cream in them as it always produces a wonderful crumb and stays really moist. I came across this recipe from an old … Continue reading

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Carrot, Pecan and Apricot Cake

So after a lot of sugar and fattening stuff lately, this is supposed to be a slightly healthier cake, but not by much. My tasters were not bowled over by it, but I liked its slight heaviness from the whole … Continue reading

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Raspberry Orange Victoria Sponge Cake

Ok first things first, I’ve had issues with the camera I’ve been using so I have not got my pics for this post, so for the time being I am using a pic off the BBC site. My cake looked … Continue reading

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Fruity Orange Muffins

I love muffins as they are so easy to make. When I was at university in Grahamstown, I used to sometimes treat myself to something from the Home baked store, and one of my favorites were the fruity orange muffins. … Continue reading

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Mocha Macaroons

Mocha Macaroons For me macaroons have always had some sort of mythical appeal. Where I grew up in Zim macaroons were unheard of, and it was only through reading and watching TV that I discovered what they were. I have … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cake was made famous by the movie Steel Magnolia’s (Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton), where they made a wedding cake for the groom in the shape of an armadillo and the cake inside was red. It’s rather macabre, but … Continue reading

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My version of Ile de Pain’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

In this months Woolworths Taste magazine they are advertising Ile de pain Café food. This reminded my friend Bev that she already had a copy of the book. It was quickly hauled out and we soon found several recipes that … Continue reading

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Lemon Tart

This lemon tart is based on a recipe from a book called Marie Claire – Comfort Real Simple Food. When I first made it I had a lot of extra filling, so I have decreased the amount of cream in … Continue reading

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