Hot and Cold a review of Miss K

We may live without poetry, music and art; we may live without conscience, and live without heart; we may live without friends; we may live without books; but civilized man cannot live without cooks.

Lucille’ Owen Meredith (1831-1891)

Miss K's delicious cakes

Miss K's delicious cakes

The above is a quote from the Miss K website and I couldn’t agree more. I love cooking as well as eating great food. I’d heard that Miss K was one of the trendy spots to have breakfast in Cape Town. It had been on my list of places I wanted to eat at for a while. I really hoped that it would meet with my expectations. The Café is quite small, and we drove straight past it, as a truck was obscuring the sign. We turned around and found parking. There is a small cluster of tables out front on the patio, all of which were taken, so we tried out luck inside. “We should’ve booked,’ my friend remarked, but we tend to live life as it comes, and were in luck as there was a table inside. The café is minimalist and there are not a lot of tables.

Miss k makes beautifully decorated cappuccinos

Miss k makes beautifully decorated cappuccinos

The first thing you come across is a table laid with Miss K specialties, divine looking carrot cakes, raspberry tarts, cupcakes and the biggest fluffy clouds of meringues I have ever seen. On this table was an item that caused much amusement – a giant coffee cup which my friend Eric had to pick up and pretend was his coffee mug. The waiter laughed, “You see I had to put a hole in it” he said “else everyone wants it!” He led us to the empty table towards the back.

Enough coffee Eric?

Miss K has an open plan kitchen so that you can watch the chefs preparing your food. The café was busy and the chefs were coming to the end of the breakfast shift. The smell of bacon frying and freshly brewed coffee was making us all the hungrier. Miss K has an interesting selection of breakfast dishes on offer from a traditional fry up, Ricotta hotcakes with bananas, maple syrup and yoghurt or eggs Benedict with either bacon or salmon. There was also Hangover eggs – baked cannellini beans with smoky chorizo, fried eggs and crumbled local feta. The bacon Benedict was delicious as were the ricotta pancakes which were light.

We really enjoyed Miss K – so much so, that later that week when we were in the area, Lara and I took Ashlea there for brunch. This time, sadly they were having an off-day.

Bacon Benedict

Bacon Benedict

The place was half empty yet it took 40 minutes to get a coffee and they got my order wrong. We took the cappuccino, as it had a pretty bunny on it and Ash said she would drink it, despite it being her fifth coffee in about an hour and a half! Then they never brought my latte, and Lara decided to go in search of it on my behalf. When our food came (after we had been there for nearly an hour and a half), most of it was cold. We ate it, as we could not bear to wait for hot food. My morning was somewhat saved though, as my croque-monsieur was hot and delicious. Ash felt her chili eggs were a measly breakfast for the price, not filling. Lara was disappointed by the cold Hangover eggs, but Ash was so puckish she ate them for her. Miss K did redeem themselves slightly, as they did not charge for the cappuccino, or for the coffee that got cold when they forgot to bring milk.

The food can be great, but it appears Miss K can have off days. We left feeling very disappointed. If you hit them on a good day, Miss K is well worth a visit.

Miss K is situated at Shop 1, Winston Place, 65 Main Road, Green Point and you can contact them on 021 4399559.


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