Hello world!

I’m a young guy who loves to spend time in the kitchen and is constantly trying out new recipes and ideas, and hope that this blog will go some way to inspiring your own culinary endeavors!

It’s a beautiful spring day outside, the perfect day to laze about in the sun if you are not chained to your desk that is. I thought I would start off with something simple that is perfect for afternoon tea.

This recipe is inspired by my recipe for a Canadian biscuit called Bosworth Jumlies. One day I thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to make these chocolate? Hence these biscuits which my friend calls magic biscuits! These are so easy to make even your kids will love them.  Most batches I have made have not survived till the next day, mostly due to my friends! Remember those 1 am baking sessions when we should have been studying? Oh the joy of procrastination!

Here’s the recipe: Mike’s Magic Biscuits

225g    self- raising flour sifted

225g    sugar

170 g   butter

1 egg

4  T cocoa powder

Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl. Mix in the sugar. Chop the buter into cubes and rub into the flour mixture as if you were making pastry, till it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Crack in the egg and mix till it forms a soft dough. Roll into small balls the size of an un shelled macadamia nut and place on a lightly greased tray. Bake at 170 degrees Celcius for about10 min. They will spread out, so space them well. Thewill puff up, but fall flat and thin when they come out. They should have a chewy brownie like texture.

You can cut out thr rubbing by hand by chucking the flour sugar, butter and cocoa into a food processor and whizzing till you get breadcrubs, but I like the old fashioned way!

Happy Baking!


About michoenglish87

A wannabe foodie who loves trying new recipes and trying new ingredients. I hope to inspire people to try new things in the kitchen.
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One Response to Hello world!

  1. tally says:

    Yay! I still make these all the time. The family I stay with in joburg LOVES them and gets me to make them whenever they can 🙂

    The food processor thing didn’t work so well though remember? It lost the special brownie-like texture.

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